Splicing Tape - Roller Wrap Tape

With their many benefits, Non-woven materials are used in a wide array of industries including Apparel, Home Furnishing, Healthcare, Engineering, Industrial and Consumer Goods. A few of the applications for Non-Woven materials include disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, household and personal wipes, filters, envelopes, tags, labels, house-wraps and roofing materials. These materials are often very porous or have special coating applied to them, to give them certain performance characteristics. These factors can make bonding to Non-Woven materials very difficult. At C.A.P., we’ve developed a line of splicing tape products for the Non-Woven market. Our quick wet-out and high shear adhesive systems are excellent for splicing and bonding in very demanding applications.

Flying Splice Tapes / Splicing Tapes

With high tack and good shear, our double coated splicing tapes for Non-Woven materials bond to your materials quickly and effectively. We understand that splice reliability is critical to your productivity. Our splicing tapes are specially formulated to give you supreme reliability and ease of use. Our splicing tapes are also offered in black to allow your sensors to see the splice.
(DC-2350 & DC-2390 Spec. Sheets)

Roller Wrap Tapes

Roller Wrap Tapes are embossed siliconized cloth tapes designed to wrap around rollers on any style of converting machinery. The embossed design guarantees a high coefficient of friction that grips the web as it passes over rollers to keep material moving. Our roller wrap tapes have a special release coating that keeps inks, coatings or adhesives from building up on rollers or drums.
(SC-4863 Spec. Sheet)

PTFE Tapes

Whether you’re heat sealing materials or simply need to create a low friction or abrasion resistant surface, PTFE tapes are an excellent and reliable choice. We feature a full line of PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Tapes (3,5,6 or 10 mil) and Skived PTFE Tapes (2, 5 or 10 mil). Both tapes are available with a high temperature, non-residuing silicone adhesive or a high bond acrylic adhesive.
(SC-1253, SC-1255, SC-1256, SC-12510, SC-1262, SC-1265 & SC-12610 Spec. Sheets)