Splicing Tape - Core Start-up Tape – Splicing Industry

Flying Splice Tapes

Flying Splice Tapes are used for splicing papers, films and foils where moderate temperature resistance is required. Our DC-2346 and DC-2348 Flying Splice Tapes feature a hand-tearable polyester carrier that is coated on both sides with a very aggressive acrylic adhesive (120 oz/in & 172 oz/in peel adhesion respectively).
(DC-2346, DC-2348)

Butt Splicing Tapes

Butt Splicing Tapes are used for butt splicing on papers, films and foils. We have a wide array of single coated butt splicing tapes featuring a multiple of carriers including polyester, polypropylene, PVC, UPVC and Kraft paper. Our standard butt splicing tapes feature either a silicone, rubber or acrylic adhesive system. Our staff can work with you to make the ideal recommendation based on your application requirements.
(SC-4005, SC-4015, SC-4050, SC-4060, SC-1030, SC-1750, SC-2020 & SC-4000 Spec. Sheets)

High Speed Flying Splice Tape (All-In-One Splicing)

Product DC-5000 High Speed Flying Splice Tape is designed for match speed splicing of paper, film & foil materials without the need for splice tabs. This unique double coated film tape is constructed in a manner that allows the tape to easily split into two distinct sections, one side performing the splice while the opposite side holds the incoming reel closed. Upon splitting in the All-In-One Splicing process, there are no exposed adhesives or fibers which can lead to splice failure or printing defects. The use of DC-5000 High Speed Flying Splice Tape instead of conventional splicing tapes and tabs greatly reduces operator set up time and machine downtime. This product also had a thin profile, which ensures that it will not affect the print registration.
(DC-5000 Spec. Sheet)

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Splicing & Core Start-up Tapes

With high tack and good shear, our single and double coated core start-up splicing tapes bond quickly and effectively to your low surface energy materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Core Start-up Tapes are often used for splicing, bonding and core start-up in the Flexible Packaging and Non-woven markets.
(DC-2390, SC-4005)

Corrugators Splicing Tape

(DC-2125, DC-2128 Spec. Sheets)