Custom Adhesive Products, LLC, is a developer and supplier of high performance pressure sensitive tapes including single coated, double coated, transfer, and differential tapes. We use cutting-edge technology in our adhesive product development to deliver the highest quality pressure sensitive tapes for your application needs.

Single Coated Tapes

Custom Adhesive Products utilizes a wide array of substrates in the design and development of our single coated pressure sensitive tapes. Regardless of your application requirements, we will have the ideal carrier and adhesive system to fill your needs. If your application requires die-cutting, CAP will zalso provide your single coated tape with a film or paper release liner.

Double Coated Tapes

With the multitude of applications for double coated pressure sensitive tapes, CAP understands that we must have available a wide variety of components and double coated tape constructions to fill your needs. Whether your application requires high temperature or low temperature, high bond or repositionability, bonding high surface energy or low surface energy, or a combination of all this, we will recommend the best pressure sensitive adhesive tape solution.

Transfer Tapes

Pressure sensitive transfer tapes are an excellent solution when your application requires a low profile, quick wet-out and cost effective PSA. Whether you are bonding and need high adhesion or splicing and need high tack and sheer, we will recommend the proper pressure sensitive adhesive tape. From unsupported to glass reinforced, pressure sensitive transfer tapes are an excellent alternative to traditional double coated tapes.

Differential Tapes

For applications that require differential adhesions, differential adhesives systems or differential coat weights, CAP can design the ideal pressure sensitive adhesive tape construction. Whether your application requires a permanent/removable PSA or you are bonding dissimilar substrates, differential pressure sensitive tapes will give you a combination of flexibility and dual performance.