Foam - Gaskets - Custom Adhesive Products, LLC

Bonding Tapes

Our custom developed line of double coated, transfer tape and non-woven tape products are designed to serve the construction, transportation, marine, appliance, electronic and industrial markets.

Wide Range of Foam / Gasket Products

We have created a product line to accommodate a wide range of foam and gasket materials. Our high performance adhesive systems were formulated to have “quick stick” properties while also providing excellent long-term bonding strength and die cutting properties.

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Bonding Tapes

Recently, C.A.P. has developed a line of Low Surface Energy (LSE) Bonding Tapes. These adhesives systems have an excellent bonding affinity to polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon.

Custom Developed Foam / Gasket Products

Along with our standard line of tape products, we also have the ability to modify our substrates, adhesives, thicknesses and liners to best meet the requirements of your demanding applications.

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