Plating Tape - Powder Coating Tape

Vinyl Plating Tapes

Vinyl Plating Tapes are used for masking of hard chrome plating and anodizing. Our Vinyl Plating Tapes feature a highly conformable PVC carrier with a synthetic rubber adhesive. These products have excellent resistance to aging, acids, alkalies and corrosive chemicals.
(SC-1000 & SC-1030 Spec. Sheets)

Polyester Silicone Powder Coating Tape

Polyester Silicone Powder Coating Tape is used for masking in the high temperature powder coating process. Our SC-4060 powder coating tape has a non residuing silicone adhesive with a temperature resistance of 400F. The SC-4060 powder coating tape is also resistant to chemicals, oils and acids.
(SC-4060 Spec. Sheet)

Polyimide Silicone Masking Tape

Polyimide Silicone Masking Tape is used for masking in applications that reach 500F and is also used in the Wave Solder and Hot Air Leveling processes. This product is thin and conformable with outstanding tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures.
(SC-6000 Spec. Sheet)

Aluminum Foil Tapes

Aluminum Foil Tapes are used for masking in paint stripping and electroplating applications and are also used for waterproof sealing, vapor barrier and heat reflection/dissipation. Our Aluminum Foil Tapes feature dead soft aluminum foil carriers with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Aluminum Foil Tapes are available self-wound or with a liner.
(SC-1300, SC-1330, SC-1340, SC-1350, SC-1360 & SC-1365 Spec. Sheets)

Lead Foil Tapes

Lead Foil Tapes are used as a mask for electroplating. Also can be used for radiation/x-ray shielding, vapor barrier and an electromagnetic and radio frequency shield. Our products feature a 100% pure lead foil carrier with either an aggressive acrylic adhesive or a synthetic rubber adhesive.
(SC-1380 & SC-1385 Spec. Sheets)