Silicone Tape -  All-In-One Splicing – PSA Tape Manufacturers

Top Side Release Coated Silicone Tape

Top Side Release Coated Silicone Tape is used for splicing release liners when a “functional” splice is required. Our SC-4075 features a silicone release coated polyester carrier with an aggressive silicone adhesive system. This silicone tape is self wound for ease of use.
(SC-4075 Spec. Sheet)

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Splicing Tape

With high tack and good shear, our single and double coated splicing tapes bond quickly and effectively to your low surface energy materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Our splicing tapes are designed to bond to a multitude of substrates used by PSA Manufacturers including paper, film and foil.
(DC-2346, DC-2348, DC-2390, SC-4005, SC-4015 Spec. Sheets)

High Speed Flying Splice Tape (All-In-One Splicing)

The DC-5000 High Speed Flying Splice Tape (All-In-One Splicing) is designed for match speed splicing of paper, film & foil materials without the need for splice tabs. This unique double coated film tape is constructed in a manner that allows the tape to easily split into two distinct sections, one side performing the splice while the opposite side holds the incoming reel closed. Upon splitting in the All-In-One Splicing process, there are no exposed adhesives or fibers which can lead to splice failure or printing defects. The use of DC-5000 High Speed Flying Splice Tape (All-In-One Splicing) instead of conventional splicing tapes greatly reduces operator set up time and machine downtime.
(DC-5000 Spec. Sheet)

Roller Wraps

Embossed siliconized cloth tape designed to wrap around rollers on any style of converting machinery. The embossed design guarantees a high coefficient of friction that grips the web as it passes over rollers to keep material moving. A special release coating keeps inks, coatings or adhesives from building up on rollers or drums.
(SC-4863 Spec. Sheet)

PTFE Tapes / UHMW Tapes

PTFE Tapes & UHMW Tapes are used to create low friction or abrasion resistance surfaces. PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape is an excellent choice when high heat resistance is required, such as heat sealing applications. UHMW Tape is an excellent choice when an extremely low friction surface and long term reliability is required.
(SC-1253, SC-1255, SC-1256, SC-12510, SC-1262, SC-1265 & SC-12610 Spec. Sheets)